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Glowjob Gurls Bundle

Fake Tan Range and Bundle

Sale price$60.00

Get ur kit off babe, the glowjob full works bundle is here! These 3 products will make SURE your tan lasts longer than your ex can in bed - that's a promise. 

Using the Keep It On Lock pre-tan moisturiser (which is jam packed with nourishing ingredients such as Olive Oil, Shea Butter and Vitamin E), before you tan, there is no excuse for a patchy tan, babe. Dry skin slags will love this!

You Make Me Foam Mousse really will make you foam at the gash.. with a non-sticky formula, no alcohol, no parabens and ALSO being packed with nourishing ingredients (oh, and did we mention the 6 hour develop time), everyone will want to be touching your freshly tanned, silky smooth skin.

Okay.. now the best part. Just a Quickie spray will make you wish you was having a quickie everyday! Enriched with aloe-vera, Vitamin A, B5, C, E AND citric acid, this glow will be seen for miles. Just a Quickie doesn't need any mitts, literally spray and go! This will leave you with an instant tan that will continue to develop over 8 hours. She is such a Bronzed Bi$h! You can also use this as a nourishing face mist that doubles as a light face tan. But it doesn't stop there, bish. She can also be used in conjunction with You Make Me Foam as a tan-extender, meaning you can foam for longer ;)

1 Just a Quickie. 1 You Make Me Foam. 1 Keep It On Lock.

You Make Me Foam (Shades):
Glowjob Gurls Bundle
Glowjob Gurls Bundle Sale price$60.00