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Grays Norfolk Ltd

Cain & Lilli Gray

Welcome to "grays."! A family run business between a step mum & son.

We are a small beauty brand wanting to bring fun & colour to the beauty world, while also working 1-1 with chemist across the UK and overseas to bring the best formulas for sensitive skin.

Together, we have so much knowledge in the beauty world. Cain has Level 1, 2 and 3 NVQ qualifications in beauty and is also a qualified aesthetics practitioner, and Lilli has spent the past 12 years in professional salons and regularly attends workshops to further extend her knowledge. These are the main reason our brand WORKS, because we know what we are talking about and what works!

Cain has suffered with severe eczema his whole life and was never able to use self tanners - which is why the glowjob formula had to be perfect for sensitive skin, as well as our other products. With so many people struggling with skin conditions nowadays, grays. wanted to offer a variety of products that are suitable for all different skin types.

Our personalities also shines through in our brand. From the coloures to the witty names of products, we have made sure there is a bit of Cain and Lilli everywhere!

Anyway, thats enough about us! Welcome to our beauty playground, we know you will fall in love <3

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