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Cyprian Tan - Bronzed Bi$h


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You've found her... IT'S BRONZED BI$H!

If you have been living under a rock, let us introduce you to TikToks fave bronzer! Things do not go viral for no reason. People talk about what they love, and word of mouth is the best advertisement so you know the product is bomb! Bronzed Bi$h:

  • Has a cream-to-powder formula, which resembles a powder foundation
  • Includes a free sponge in its secret compartment
  • A mirror for on the go

The cream-to-powder formula allows for coverage and helps to blur the skin. It also means the product is able to cling to the skin better than an average powder bronzer, so no patchy bronzer mess here!

We formulated these bronzers to be on the warm side, so you can achieve that sun-kissed holiday look that everyone wants! This means that this product can be used alone with no other product and you will look fresh-faced no problem! With a generous 12 grams, this cheeky product will belong in your makeup bag for a lifetime.

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Cyprian Tan - Bronzed Bi$h
Cyprian Tan - Bronzed Bi$h Sale price£12.00 Regular price£16.00